Photo of Albert Zak in front of Tha Phae Gate in Chiang Mai, Thailand

My Habits

Mar 25, 2015

New Habits

  1. Every day, Write down three things I’m grateful for
  2. Sit up straight, and take regular breaks for stretching Still working on this one. I’ll have to start exercising my back muscles because sitting up straight for more than a few minutes makes me exhausted.

Established Habits

  1. Eat Breakfast, 600 kcal of Oatmeal and whole foods for 3 weeks
  2. Never look at the keyboard or hunt-and-peck for 2 months
  3. Drink 3 liters of water each day for 3 months
  4. Vegan for compassion and health for 3 months
  5. Phone is in flight mode unless I’m calling someone for 6 months
  6. No sugar, no refined carbs, no artificial flavoring for 1 year
  7. Cook at home nearly all the time for 1 year
  8. No wasting time with games for 3 years
  9. No stuff, no clutter for 4 years
  10. Find joy in the smallest things, nearly always happy for 7 years
  11. No TV for 10 years
  12. No meat except fish for 12 years
  13. No alcohol, no drugs, no addictions for 20 years

Failed Habits

  1. Write 1000 words every day failed 1 year ago
  2. Write 500 words every day failed 4 months ago
  3. Write 250 words every day failed 3 months ago
  4. Write 2 sentences every day failed 2 months ago
  5. Write 1 sentence every day failed 1 month ago What could cause this much Resistance? I’ve since learned to touch type, and every evening I write down three things I’m grateful for. Attempt #5.
  6. 10 Push-Ups twice a day, plus two more each week failed 3 months ago
  7. Make a cup of tea, plan the day, write down 10 ideas failed 2 months ago
  8. Protein shake and shot of extra virgin olive oil just before bed failed 2 months ago
  9. Practice touch typing each day for 30 minutes failed 1 month ago
  10. Take a cold shower after breakfast failed 1 month ago I started this habit with ease while living in Bangkok. Keeping it up while in Japan during winter was hard. I couldn’t bear Vienna’s cold water. Will try again.

Ideas for Future Habits

  1. Write down 10 ideas every day 10x365=3650 ideas per year
  2. Become a back sleeper
  3. Get up at 5am every day
  4. Internet is off at 10pm
  5. Write 1000 words before noon
  6. Read a book for 30 minutes first thing in the morning
  7. Dring 1 liter water first thing in the morning
  8. Every day, check all boxes: Physical, Mental, Social
  9. Live by a comprehensive to do list that lays out the next five years
  10. Build a daily skin care routine
  11. Floss daily
  12. Eat 5+ meals of whole foods at 2300+ kcal per day to gain weight
  13. Perfect posture, strong back muscles
  14. Always decide based on long term consequences