Photo of Albert Zak in front of Tha Phae Gate in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Things to Make

Feb 17, 2015

Real world

  1. Try Aquaponics / Window gardening
  2. Try to grow Shiitake mushrooms
  3. Make vegan meat out of mushrooms
  4. Install a Japanese TOTO Washlet (Transformator, GFCI, Plumbing, Fitting)


  1. Make a List of bootstrapped companies
  2. Design a photo story from the travels of the last 7 months
  3. Develop a tool for debugging encoding errors
  4. Create a cheap wireless sensor for dumpsters
  5. Build a healthy food vending machine
  6. Publish a personal home page/blog
  7. Build a home automation system
  8. Design a table for mixing DIY soylent
  9. Build a hands-free timer to use in cold showers
  10. Re-build that gif from the rubymotion home page in CSS
  11. Create a website for jewelry designers
  12. Make a device to monitor mushroom growth
  13. Build a machine that makes Sandwiches
  14. Invent a hallmarking tool for jewelers
  15. Invent a dust filter for polishing jewelry
  16. Make a gif of a walrus operating a steam roller
  17. Build and operate a vending machine for healthy food


  1. Learn to Type fast (100 words per minute)
  2. Study programming patterns
  3. Understand Lisp
  4. Learn to drive
  5. Speak Dutch fluently
  6. Understand statistics & Learn R
  7. Beautiful Handwriting / Calligraphy
  8. Type on DVORAK
  9. Work thourgh MIT lectures on Mechanical Engineering